Wai Kiu Chan

Wesleyan University
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Middletown, CT 06457

Email: wkchan [at] wesleyan.edu
Office: Exley Science Tower 617


I am a Professor of Mathematics at Wesleyan University. My research interests are the arithmetic theory of quadratic forms and other related areas such as algebraic groups, lattices in Euclidean spaces, and modular forms.

Proceedings Edited

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Graduate Students

Joshua Daniels (MA 2004) , On definite regular ternary quadratic forms over F_q[T].

(α) Anna Rokicki (PhD 2005), Finiteness results for definite n-regular and almost n-regular Hermitian forms.

Daniel Greengard (MA 2008), Representations of definite quadratic forms over F_q[T].

Anna Radlowski (MA 2009), Small zeros of quadratic forms over function fields.

(δ) Glenn Henshaw (PhD 2012), Search bounds for points in linear and quadratic spaces.

(ε) Anna Haensch (PhD 2013), On almost universal ternary inhomogeneous quadratic polynomials.

(ω) James Ricci (PhD 2014), Finiteness results for regular ternary quadratic polynomials.

(τ) Jingbo Liu (PhD 2016), Representations of integral hermitian forms by sums of norms .

(π) Alicia Marino (PhD 2017), Finiteness of strictly n-regular quadratic forms.

(κ) Lisa Kaylor, current PhD student.

(ψ) Freda Li, current PhD student.

Lecture Notes

Arithmetic of Quadratic Forms. This is the expanded version of the lecture notes of a graduate course I taught. Most of the material is taken from O'Meara's book Introduction to quadratic forms, Kitaoka's book Arithmetic of quadratic forms, and Kneser's book Quadratische Formen. I am sure that it still has a lot of typos and even errors; so please use it at your own risk. I appreciate and welcome any comment.

Arithmetic of Quaternion Algebras. This is the shortened version of the lecture notes I wrote for a graduate course I taught many years ago. It is hardly a polished product. Nevertheless, I think that it may be of interest to some people. A lot of the material is picked from Marie-France Vigneras's Springer lecture notes Arithmetique des Algebres de Quaternions and the book Arithmetic of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds by Collins MacLachlan and Alan Reid. Again, comments are welcome.